An Very Unexpected Ally

SCOTUSTwo citizens of Greece, NY filed a lawsuit against the town in response to a prayer given by a clergy person invited during a city council meeting because the prayer specifically mentioned Jesus’ name. The plaintiffs argued that prayers were an establishment forbidden by the First Amendment because some of them were explicitly Christian. The defense has wisely argued that if the government were to censor the prayers of the clergy that it would truly be establishing a state religion. The fact that Muslim, Christians, and Jewish leaders are free to pray according to their own conscious demonstrates that the state is not establishing any religion. The case of “Town of Greece v. Galloway” is now headed to the Supreme Court and surprising almost everyone, the Obama administration as come along side of the defense in this case. While I don’t often find myself in agreement with the Obama Administration, this is one time I believe they are truly making the right choice and deserve our praise. More on this story can be found here, at (surprise) the Huffington Post of all places.