Christianity in Nazi Germany

200px-Pastor_BonhoefferWhen many of us think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, we often think of the man who tried to assassinate Hitler. As I have had the opportunity to learn more about Bonhoeffer this is no longer the picture that comes to mind when I hear his name. As I have read more about Bonhoeffer and read the books he wrote (I am currently reading “Palms: the prayer book of the bible” by Bonhoeffer), I have discovered that he was a man of deep faith and conviction and his faith permeated every part of his life. Today I read an article entitled “Seminary in Nazi Germany” that speaks about Bonhoeffer and the courage he had to go against the theological tide of the church in Nazi Germany. As I was thinking about this article, I couldn’t help thinking about how similar the views of the church in Nazi Germany were to those held in the American church today. Who, like Bonhoeffer, will be courageous enough to stand against the tide?