How can we help?

India_mapIn a recent article published on the Gospel Coalition website several leaders of the Evangelical church in India are interviewed. In response to the question “Are there particular ways we can better facilitate gospel advance in India?”, one of these leaders responds saying:

“Westerners need to give up ideas such as rapid church-planting movements, rapid discipleship, certain extreme forms of contextualization, and insider movements. They need to realize that planting healthy churches is painstakingly slow, hard work. It requires perseverance, tears, sweat, and even blood. Don’t lambast the missionary efforts of the past; rather, trust the good Lord to give growth as and when he wants. We need to be patient, diligent, hard-working, faithful, and biblical in our efforts, strategies, planning, and implementation.” 

This is something I have personally heard echoed by church leaders in many foreign cultures, and sadly it is a reflection of the training that most of our missionaries receive from the agencies that are sending them. It is time for the Evangelical church to hold our missionaries accountable and stop funding those who refuse to work hand in hand with the national churches in the regions they are trying to reach. Too often the cries of the national churches fall on the deaf ears of the missionaries we send to “help.”


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