All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

see+no+evilThe very public failing of Mark Driscoll and the troubles faced by Mars Hill have been discussed repeatedly. While reports seem to demonstrate that Driscoll was overly arrogant and abusive towards many who were under him, I don’t believe that he bears the majority of the blame for the problems Mars Hill is facing. The failure at Mars Hill was caused both by Driscoll’s actions and the actions of a majority of elders who refused to hold him accountable. While I believe that Driscoll’s failings were very serious, I believe that the greater failure was that of the elders who failed to hold him accountable; Driscoll could not have caused the damage he did at Mars Hill if good men had not chosen to do nothing. If Driscoll’s sin had been addressed by the elders years ago, he might have repented, matured, and still be a leader of a healthy and thriving church today. Because of Driscoll’s celebrity status and the failure of the elders to act, those outside of the church, who have demonstrated a hatred for both what Mars Hill was doing wrong as well as for what Mars Hill was doing right, gained a foothold that began a witch hunt that propped up every accusation, legitimate or not, against Driscoll until both he and the church were destroyed. The damage at Mars Hill was far greater because the sin was ultimately addressed by those who wanted nothing more than to see the church destroyed rather than by those who should have addressed it in love. However, before we place too much blame on the leaders of Mars Hill, we should recognize that the problems that led to the downfall of Mars Hill are not unique. Ignoring spiritually abusive actions by those in leadership is a problem that arises far to often in many churches today. And, just like at Mars Hill, our silence is allowing many to be driven away from our churches. We need to remember that the damage done by abusive leaders who are not held accountable is just as troubling when it happens in our own churches. We need to be asking questions like:  Are our own churches are tolerating the same kind of abuses that were tolerated at Mars Hill? Do similar issues in our own churches remain unaddressed only because no one committing these kinds offenses has the celebrity status that would attract the attention of those outside the church? And most importantly, will I stand up and be counted in the face of issues like these at my own church or will I do nothing and allow evil to triumph?


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