“My God” or “Sacrifice of God” – the NEW NIV stands alone.

Ps. 51:17

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The Hebrew text of Psalm 51:17, as pointed by the Masorites in the 6th century, reads “Sacrifice of God” rather than “My sacrifice.” While it is true that, in Hebrew, the only difference is in the vowel markings and those markings were not originally part of the text, early translations, like the Greek LXX (2nd Century B.C.), Aramaic Targums, 1 Century A.D.), and Latin Vulgate (4th Century A.D.), reflect a reading that is identical to the way that the Masorites pointed this text and, unlike the Hebrew text, the possessive form is not a “possible” reading in these early translations. I know of no ancient translation that supports the reading found in the updated NIV nor is this reading found in other modern translations. The 2011 revision offers a new reading of Psalms 51:17, but the textual evidence shows much stronger support for the reading found in the 1984 revision of the NIV.

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  1. Don L. says:

    Other translations besides the TNIV/NIV2011 that translate the Hebrew “My sacrifice”:
    The Jerusalem Bible
    The Good News Bible (Today’s English Version)
    The New American Bible
    The New English Bible
    The Revised English Bible
    The Common English Bible
    La Bible en fran├žais courant

    1. Mike Tisdell says:

      I did get a chance to check a few of these versions, and they also follow the NIV reading although some of these translations are a little obscure. I still see little support for this translation in the text itself, your thoughts?