Thoughtful reflections on “Feminism” from a Christian perspective

Hannah AndersonIn an article published in Christianity Today, Hannah Anderson steps away from the usual “battle between the sexes” arguments that are so frequently entwined in articles about Feminism and Christianity and addresses questions about a woman’s identity and roles from a truly Christian perspective, a perspective that looks at the treatment of women as part of a much broader topic i.e. the treatment of all people, men and women, created in the image of God. Hannah wisely identifies herself as a “Christian” rather than a “Feminist” and desires to help correct misconceptions people hold about what Christianity teaches about women rather than correct misconceptions people might have about what she believes about feminism; the same should be true in many areas of our life. True Christianity should invade every area of our life and the title “Christian” should define us far better than any other title can. Titles like Feminist, Republican, Democrat, Environmentalist, etc… often carry baggage that is decidedly anti-Christian and rather than identifying with a group that requires an explanation about which values that group holds that we accept and which we reject, wouldn’t it be better to identify with Christ and take the time to explain how our faith in Christ has shaped our views on the moral and political issues we face? In doing so, we not only have the opportunity to share a little about our own values, but we also have an opportunity to help people understand the source of those values, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hannah’s article embraces ideas that extend far beyond the topic of feminism and if her upcoming book follows in suite, it will be a valuable addition to every Christian library. Hannah’s blog can be found here.



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