Psalm 125

11QPSa-col-IVA song of the ascent


Those who trust in the Lord are like the mountain of Zion,

It is not shaken, forever it stands[i].

As[ii] the mountains surround Jerusalem,

the Lord surrounds his people now and forevermore.

The rod[iii] of the wicked will not touch[iv] the inheritance of the righteous

Otherwise the righteous might reach towards iniquity.

The Lord will do good for those who do good and whose hearts’ are upright

But the Lord will lead away those turning[v] to their perversion with all[vi] who act wickedly.

Peace be on Israel.


[i] The word picture in Hebrew is of a mountain that sits forever but in English we think of something that endures as standing not sitting.

[ii] The word “as” is not in the Hebrew text but the comparison is implied.

[iii] Or scepter

[iv] Or “rest on”

[v] 11Qpsa   reads “crookedly YHWH will lead away all who act wickedly” (את כל פעלי און עקלקולות יוליכם יהוה).

[vi] 11Qpsa “with all acting wicked” (את כל פעלי און), MT (את פעלי האון).

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