Did Jesus believe the bible?

torah scrollAndy Davis, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina has written an excellent series of articles showing what Jesus believed about Scripture, its inspiration, and its authority for our lives. Many churches today have allowed an ever increasing skepticism about the reliability and authority of Scripture take hold; maybe it is time that we stop and reconsider what Jesus,  the author and finisher of our faith, believed about Scripture and remember that it is Jesus we are called to emulate.

What is Christ’s View of the Bible? Introduction

Christ Would Rather Die than Disobey Scripture

Christ Taught that He Fulfilled Scripture

Christ Taught the Unbreakable Permanence and Authority of Scripture

Christ Lived Sinlessly Moment by Moment by All Scripture

Christ Staked His Life on the Word of God

Christ Proved His Deity by a Single Word of Scripture

Christ Proved the Resurrection by a Single Verb Tense in Scripture

Christ Instilled Passion for the Scriptures in His Followers

What Scripture Says, God Says

What is Christ’s View of the Bible? Conclusion

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