John Piper says “that kind of knowing wrecks churches”

broken-churchJohn Piper in a message about the introductory chapters of the book of Luke says that Luke by choosing the Greek word “asphaleian” (Lk. 1:4) is saying “I want you to know [the doctrine I am about to teach you] nailed down, solid, unshakable, sure, immovable like a mountain not like a cloud. He doesn’t want you, or Theophilus, to know things in any old way, he wants you to know that that way, the safety of them, the security of them, the bolted down, shut door, never changing truth of them. They are safe from being stolen out of your head. They are safe from being changed by the culture. They are safe from ceasing to be what they are. They’re safe from becoming unimportant or irrelevant. They are safe to be what they are forever! Theophilus, these things that you know about the truth will always be the truth. I want a mountain of truth in your head, not clouds floating around ready to be blown away. This is the kind of knowing that we want to have. The other kind of knowing, that’s different; that kind of knowing wrecks churches.”

Jesus the Son of God, the Son of Mary – John Piper (TGC13) from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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