Christian Unity

Andrew Wilson published an article on the theology matters blog explaining why need to understand how to interpret the Bible properly and why principles of proper biblical interpretation are often ignored today. As Andrew points out, good men genuinely seeking to understand Scripture do frequently come to different conclusions about its interpretation in specific areas but those differences are far less significant than the general agreement that they all share. The Christian faith of godly Christian men throughout history is far more easily characterized by its unity than by its differences. When we begin interpreting the Bible by seeking to understand the message that the author intended, we end up arriving at amazingly similar conclusions. But when we begin by looking for the message we want to see in Scripture, even interpretations that are in opposition to the author’s intent become possible. In the latter case, it is no longer God’s inspired word that is authoritative in our lives; when we ignore the authors intent, we have deluded ourselves into believing that we alone decide what is good and what is evil and we have believed Satan’s lie that we too can become like God. (Ge. 3:5)

If you would like to read Andrew Wilson’s article, it can be found here.

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