FindingTruthFor the student of the bible, one of the most important questions that should be asked is “What did the original author intend to say and how did his first audience understand his words?” This one question can eliminate many misunderstandings of Scripture because it provides boundaries that exclude many wrong interpretations and, by extension, many wrong applications. Unfortunately today, many will argue that the intentions of the original author cannot be known and when we blindly accept this proposition, it ultimately leads to significant misunderstandings of Scripture.  While it is true that an infinitely complete and perfect knowledge of our past is truly unattainable, a reasonably good understanding of our past is normally not beyond our reach; knowledge of our past is never the all or nothing proposition that is far too often put forth in academia today. While we may not always be able to eliminate every possible misunderstanding of the text, we can eliminate most misunderstandings by seeking to understand the context in which the Scripture was first given. It is with this goal in mind that I seek to explore the Scriptures.

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